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Actions carried out

At the CLH Group we strive to protect the environment and maintain sustainable growth, and we carry out various actions to obtain a detailed understanding of the state of the soil at the sites of the company's facilities by preparing Environmental Research and Characterisation Projects.

In addition, we have a Pipeline Integrity Plan that defines and identifies environmentally sensitive areas and areas of high consequence - those where a pipeline incident would have the greatest impact on people and/or the environment - according to international best practices.

As part of this integrity plan the CLH Group in Spain, in collaboration with the natural study and defence association GREFA (Grupo de Rehabilitación de la Fauna Autoóctona y su Habitat, the Native Fauna and Habitat Rehabilitation Group) has carried out various environmental studies to assess the integration of our oil pipelines in areas of special biological wealth.

The studies carried out concluded that the sections analysed do not interfere with the development of animal and plant species in the selected areas and highlight the integration of these infrastructures into the environment. In total, the CLH Group and GREFA have analysed nearly 200 kilometres of protected natural areas with pipelines in nine Autonomous Communities.

In addition, in order to prevent incidents during loading and unloading operations, we also have safety protocols in place in accordance with the most advanced national and international standards to ensure that operations are carried out safely. In addition to these protection measures, the CLH Group has Contingency Plans and Oceanographic and Tide Studies for all ports where we carry out our activity.