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Environmental Project Management

Environmental impact assessment is one of the preventive management instruments that allows environmental policies to be applied from the beginning of a project, influencing the entire development and decision-making process, in order to correct or mitigate possible environmental impacts.

To that end, the CLH Group studies various routes, locations and possible alternatives before starting a project and selects the one that has the least effect on the environment. In this respect, both the company's Environmental Unit and the Projects and Works Unit work together to ensure that these projects have the lowest possible environmental impact.

These studies are carried out with a very rigorous and specific methodology that includes not only the study prior to the start of the works but also comprehensive monitoring during the execution, which allows the use of corrective measures if necessary to ensure that the impact of the same is reduced to a minimum.

These projects must also be approved in advance by the administrations involved, which will monitor compliance with current legislation and issue the corresponding environmental impact assessment of the project.

In the case of oil pipelines, once the work is completed, the land is returned to its original state and re-vegetation of the affected area begins when necessary. Subsequent checks are also carried out in order to monitor and ensure that the measures taken are working properly.