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Pipeline protection

Pipelines are the safest and most efficient means of transporting petroleum products. The special characteristics of the materials they are made of, their design and protection and safety measures make them safe and reliable infrastructures.

The CLH Group has a Pipeline Integrity Plan, developed in accordance with international best practices in the sector, to carry out regular and exhaustive monitoring of our pipelines in order to guarantee their safety.

This plan includes mitigation measures and establishes the frequency of tank and pipeline inspections, as well as protocols and indicators and how they should be monitored.

In Spain, we use a sophisticated satellite-connected control system that enables safe and efficient management and we regularly control all our infrastructures by means of air, foot and vehicle routes.

In the same way, we maintain a fluid relationship with the local authorities and the owners of the land through which the pipelines run, in order to offer them a clear vision of the characteristics of these infrastructures and to count on their collaboration when necessary.