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Safety principles

We carry out all our activities while maintaining the protection of our workers, facilities and our immediate environment and are guided by the following safety principles:

Integrated safety
Each employee or collaborator maintains an active and responsible commitment to safety, contributing to the safety of others and themselves.
Safety planning and preparation
We establish annual safety objectives, defining the actions necessary to achieve these objectives.
Risk management
Potential risks are identified at all stages of business, from the initial planning stage of projects, to operations at our facilities and workplaces. For this purpose, we have the procedures and resources to carry out the company's risk prevention actions.
Continuous improvement of safety management
We regularly evaluate safety management systems to improve attitudes, practices and processes to reduce potential risks. We regularly conduct internal and external audits and analyse incidents to apply lessons learned and eliminate future incidents.
Linking suppliers and contractors to the security policy
We evaluate and select the contractors and collaborators that work for the CLH Group using safety criteria, requiring them to behave in accordance with internally established standards.
Attention to the health and safety of workers and the environment
The employees of the CLH Group are committed to contributing to the protection of health and our environment by knowing the effects of the products and processes we use.
Continuous adaptation to applicable standards and excellence criteria
We comply rigidly with all legislation applicable to the various infrastructures, operations and systems and take into account the most demanding international standards, especially in those areas where there is no applicable legislation.
Communication, information, consultation and participation
We favour communication regarding risk prevention with transparency criteria and encouraging the participation and collaboration of CLH Group employees and identifying opportunities for improvement.
We promote continuous training in occupational health and safety for the people who make up the CLH Group and our collaborators in relation to the risks of our activity.
Collaboration with society
We collaborate with various administrations and public and private entities to ensure the prevention of risks and improvement of safety conditions, especially by contributing our experience with regard to regulatory development.
Our safety policy is coherent and consistent with established quality and environmental policies.