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Map of infrastructure

Infraestructure in the Community of Andalucía

Málaga Storage Facility

Facility data

Name Málaga
Address Joaquín Vargas, 18. 29196 Málaga
Location Málaga /Pol. Ind. Santa Teresa)
Province Málaga
Autonomous Community Andalucía
Nominal capacity (m3) 131,772
CAE ES00029H7002E

Stored products

Petrol 95 I.O Petrol - 98 I.O Petrol
Diesel Oil Diesel Oil A - Diesel Oil C
Turbo fuel Aviation Kerosene

Opening hours for dispatching

Expedition 24 h.
Return Monday to Friday: Morning and afternoon.
Saturday: Morning.
No returns can be accepted on Sundays and local public holidays.

Loading Point

Nº Islands 4
Nº Arms 16


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