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Map of infrastructure

Infraestructure in the Community of Andalucía

Algeciras Storage Facility

Facility data

Name Algeciras
Address Isla Verde, s/n. 11207 Algeciras
Location Algeciras
Province Cádiz
Autonomous Community Andalucía
Nominal capacity (m3) 203.144
CAE ES00011H7002Y
Customs warehouse ESXA11001021

Stored products

Gas oil Marine Gas oil(MGO)
IFOS IFO 380 1,0%S
IFO 380 3,5%S
Intermediate IFOS

Opening hours for dispatching

Expedition 24 h x 365 days
Return 24 h x 365 days
Barge loading 24 h x 365 days
Truck loading 24 h x 365 days

Loading Point

Expedition service Available infraestructure
Nº Islands 2
Nº Arms 2
Barge loading 3 moorings available  
Truck loading 2 islands

Vessel discharge conditions

Barge surge chamber A
Length (m) 105
Draught (m) 13,5
Use Loading and unloading of barges
Barge surge chamber B
Length (m) 245
Draught (m) 13,5
Height of manifold over floating line (m) 16
Distance of manifold from vessel side (m) 8
Maximum displacement No restrictions
Use Loading and unloading of barges
Loading and unloading of tankers (IFOS)
Barge surge chamber C
Length (m) 115
Draught (m) 13,5
Use Loading of barges
Unloading MGO tankers


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