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Map of infrastructure

Infraestructure in the Community of Andalucía

Sevilla Storage Facility

Facility data

Name Sevilla
Address Avda. Maestranza Aérea, 7. 41011 Sevilla
Location Sevilla
Province Sevilla
Autonomous Community Andalucía
Nominal capacity (m3) 83,347
CAE ES00041H7001R

Stored products

Petrol 95 I.O Petrol - 98 I.O Petrol
Diesel Oil Diesel Oil A - Diesel Oil B - Diesel Oil C
Turbo fuel Aviation Kerosene
Other Biofuel

Opening hours for dispatching

Expedition 24 h.
Return Monday to Friday: Morning and afternoon.
Saturday: Morning.
No returns can be accepted on Sundays and local public holidays.

Loading Point

Nº Islands 6
Nº Arms 24


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