CLH is the leading company within the Spanish market for the transport and storage of petroleum products. To this end, we have one of the largest and most efficient integrated transport and storage networks for oil products in the world, with more than 4,000 kilometres of oil pipelines and a storage capacity nearly 8 million cubic metres, which are available to all oil operators active within Spain.

This operating model, which integrates transport and storage through pipelines and interconnected facilities, allows us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers' needs, ensuring a reliable supply.

We provide logistic services to any client who requests it. In this way, any company operating in the Spanish market can make use of our infrastructures under the same conditions as the rest, without any type of discrimination, which facilitates competition in the sector. Our prices are the same for the same service for all customers and are objective, as they are established on the basis of international references and service costs.

CLH's activity in Spain essentially consists of receiving oil products at its facilities - mainly gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, aviation fuels and biofuels - as well as transporting and storing these products and delivering them to the company's customers through its tanker loading facilities.

The storage plants are connected to each other by pipelines, allowing CLH customers to deposit their products in one facility and collect them immediately, according to their needs, so that they can dispose of their goods at multiple points in different geographical areas.

The few plants that are not connected by pipeline and those located in the Balearic Islands are supplied by tankers. CLH also has two time-chartered tankers.

The company offers instant product accreditation. This allows your customers to avail themselves of their products at various destinations immediately after delivery to a source installation away from the destination installation.

In addition to this main activity, CLH offers other services with the same quality and level of demand: the possibility of adding additives prepared by the oil operators to the fuels, so that they can offer an exclusive and differentiated product, storage of strategic reserves, storage and transport of diesel with biodiesel and gasoline with bioethanol, provision of quality control and metrology services to third parties through its network of laboratories, as well as other personalised services tailored to our customers.


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