Letter from the CEO

Initiatives to Guarantee the Future

The year is coming to an end and everyone at CLH Group can feel proud of what we have achieved. Although the demand for fuels has stopped growing, the company has seen good economic results thanks to the boost in our international business in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Panama which have successfully consolidated.

As concerns Safety, the truth is we would have liked to seen more progress. We are not giving up on our desire to achieve 0 accidents and, therefore, we will keep on going with new initiatives to encourage a prevention culture within the company from the very start of the new year.

Moreover, and as we had the opportunity to discuss at the 3rd CLH Forum held in October, we are continuing to work on developing new initiatives to successfully adapt CLH in view of the energy transition process and continue to be a relevant role-player in infrastructure management, contributing to society’s well-being beyond the transport and storage of traditional fuels.

“We continue working to successfully adapt CLH to the energy transition process”.

We will also keep evolving within our traditional area of business:

• We are a reference in the aviation business where we have grown quite a bit recently and aspire to expand our presence in more countries.

• We will continue reinforcing our activities at ports where we have not only just begun offering specialized services to our customers, but where we will also try to expand the products managed.

• We will keep making progress on modernizing the company by rolling out initiatives in digitization and renovating our information systems to build a more agile and more flexible company.

Finally, I would like to highlight the recent revision of our sustainability strategy in an effort to make CLH a zero-emissions company for Horizon 2050 through which we will be working with the oil sector on its strategy to evolve towards alternative fuels and a circular economy.

With these great aims for the upcoming year, I would like to take this opportunity to share our hopes for a better future and wish you all Happy Holidays.