Letter from the Chairman

An Intense Year

2019 has been very intense for everyone at CLH Group. It has been a year in which we have continued working to build the company’s future while faced with an atmosphere of significant uncertainty due to the challenge of climate change and the energy transition.

Over the year, we have made important progress on three major goals raised in our Strategic Plan against this great challenge: growing the business, encouraging personal development and reinforcing the company’s long-term sustainability.

From a business growth perspective, in 2019, we reinforced our logistics services and consolidated our international presence in the countries where we were already present, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Oman and Panama, in addition to initiating operations at the airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

We have also taken steps towards achieving our goal to boost our maritime facilities in Spain and offer new customized services that are adapted to our customers’ specific needs.

Likewise, we have seen noteworthy improvement in the efficiency of our activities with the implementation of a more integrated organizational model and equipping ourselves with new tools and procedures that will help us work better.

“In an environment of so much uncertainty, the most important things are the talent and skills we, as people, can contribute to continue creating a better future for everyone”

Furthermore, we have taken different actions to foster a climate of collaboration and teamwork and have enhanced our relationship with our environment by collaborating on different social action and entrepreneurism support projects.

Finally, we recently implemented a sustainability strategy aimed at cooperating with the fight against climate change and making it so our operations will have a neutral impact on the environment by 2050. Additionally, we continue working to diversify our activities in new business divisions to continue growing.

Yet, above all, we can be proud of the capacity and implication of everyone at this great company, as made clear during the 3rd CLH Forum which saw the participation of more than 120 of our people.

In an environment of so much uncertainty as we are currently facing, the most important things are the talent and skills each one of us who are part of CLH Group can contribute to continue creating a better future for everyone.

With these great aims in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays and the best for 2020.