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A Plan to Be (Much) More Sustainable

With its Strategy for Evolution Towards Alternative fuels, the Spanish Association of Oil Product Operators aims to drastically reduce CO2 emissions for Horizon 2050.

The oil sector in Spain is not exempt of the need to decarbonize the economy to foster a sustainable future. In fact, the industry has been working for several years in this direction so their activities are more and more efficient all the time and their products cleaner.

It is in this context and in view of the need to find an alternative path to the current one in order to comply with the Paris Agreements, the Spanish Association of Oil Product Operators (AOP) has designed a Strategy for Evolution Towards Alternative Fuels, an ambitious plan to substantially reduce CO2 emissions through technology that highlights the sector’s commitment to fighting climate change.

The objective of this roadmap is to reduce CO2 emissions from the refinery industry by 90% and the intensity of fuel emissions by 80% for Horizon 2050. It is a major challenge that demands close cooperation from government, the refinery sector and other industrial sectors in order to be successful.

Benefits of the strategy

With this plan, the AOP not only wishes to reduce CO2 emissions, but also:

• Promote a circular economy by reusing waste
• Provide new ways to store energy
• Increase supply security by reducing foreign energy dependence
• Encourage R&D&i in Spain
• Foster industrial development and the transfer of technologies
with other industrial sectors
• Generate quality employment, well-being and benefits for the economy
• Boost rural development

A commitment to decarbonizing the economy

The AOP presented this strategy to the Spanish Energy Club. AOP leaders shares some of the key messages from this roadmap at the meeting:

Carlos Martín, Technical and Environment Director:

“The development of different technological routes will be key to achieving our decarbonization goals”

Luis Aires, Chairman:

“We’d like to participate in the energy transition with rigorous and feasible technology solutions and believe they are compatible with economic and social development”

Andreu Puñet, Managing director

“We need the government’s trust and support to produce the right conditions to drive this strategy”