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Investments to Enhance the Electricity Supply in Arahal

We have invested 4.5 million euros in the construction of two overhead power lines and a substation to supply electricity to our Arahal transport and storage infrastructures which will also make it possible to improve the electricity supply in the area.

The project consisted of the construction of a new double circuit line connecting the Don Rodrigo substation in the municipality of Alcalá de Guadaira to the new substation built at the hydrocarbon storage plant the company has in Arahal. It also included the construction of another line connecting the substation at the storage terminal to the pipeline pumping facility the company has in the area.

Both power lines, along with the new substation built, will be assigned and included in the local electricity distribution network meaning the regional distribution company will take ownership once delivered and commissioned. Furthermore, the project will make it possible to improve the electricity supply in the area as it provides a new connection point for the municipality in addition to being an alternative energy supply route.

Conference for CESEDEN Students

As part of our collaboration with our interest groups, we offered a conference for students from the Centre for Higher National Defence Studies (CESEDEN) Upper Infrastructure and Heritage Resource Management Course..

Continuing to Encourage Health at Work

We received the certificate proving our endorsement of the Luxembourg Declaration in recognition for our work implementing Health Promotion actions. This certification, which is granted by the Spanish National Institute for Workplace Health and Safety (INSST), is proof that CLH and CLH Aviación are members of the Healthy Companies Network.

Endorsement not only implies compliance with occupational risk prevention obligations, but also a commitment to the integration of basic worker health promotion principles.

Awarded by the Spanish Maritime Cluster

We were acknowledged at the 2019 Spanish Maritime Cluster Awards with the Social Wellbeing and Environmental Award “for guaranteeing easy and safe access to energy”. Jesús Manso, Assistant Manager of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Affairs at CLH, collected the award, which is sponsored by Bureau Veritas, on behalf of the company.

Operations Begin at Different National Airports

We have begun operating at the airports in Reus, Sabadell and Huesca through CLH Aviación. At the first two, we are providing into-plane fuelling services and managing the fuel storage facility while we only do into-plane fuelling at the Huesca airport even though assistance is received from the Reus airport for this service.

We are also operating at the airport in Ciudad Real where we have signed a ten-year agreement with the handling operator SMIA (South Madrid International Airport, S.L.) for the provision of storage resources and equipment and into-plane fuelling.

Replacing Part of Our Vehicle Fleet

We have added seven JET A-1 refuelling units, three AVGAS units and a dispenser to the CLH Aviación fleet to operate at the new airports where we are present and at those where we have renewed our concessions. All of them comply with the most modern safety and JIG standards and have been adapted to the airports where they will be operated (Reus, Sabadell, Valladolid, San Sebastián, Vigo, Bilbao, Barcelona, Granada and Jerez). The fleet renewal will continue over the coming years.

A New More Sustainable Vessel is Added to Reinforce Facility Supplies

We have added a new more sustainable tanker, the Castillo de Arteaga, to reinforce fuel transport and supply at our facilities. It is the property of the company Naviera Elcano and has been added to the fleet under a time charter agreement.

Built in 2019, it is equipped with the latest technologies to reduce SOx and NOx emissions into the atmosphere as well as a ballast water treatment system certified by the International Maritime Organization. The Castillo de Arteaga, which has replaced the Castillo de Trujillo, is a next-generation double hull vessel with a load capacity of 42,275 cubic metres.

An Honourable Farewell for the Castillo de Trujillo

During one of its last trips for CLH, the crew on the Castillo de Trujillo vessel collaborated with the Almeria Coordination and Rescue Centre to rescue 12 immigrants off the coast of Almeria near Cabo de Gata.

CLH Aviación Participates in an International Congress in Bogota

Through CLH Aviación, we participated in the International Airport Council for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) Annual Meeting held in Bogota to create close relations with leaders, governments and airport industry service providers.

Present at the event, which gathered 375 delegates from 36 airports, were the Assistant Manager of Marketing and Business Development, Iván Saco, Marketing Management and Business Development Specialist, Almudena Alcaraz, and Strategy and Business Development Specialist, Fernando Monasterio.

Reward for Improving Our Efficiency

Several colleagues have received the Green Belt (GB) certificate from the consulting firm R&G for their knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma method, one of the most prestigious efficiency enhancement tools for organizations, and its successful application in our company’s processes.

All of the award winners participated in a complete training programme on this method and passed the course assessment tests. Later on, they applied the knowledge acquired to the projects they lead, thus complying with the R&G requirements for receiving this certification.

Those awarded with the Green Belt certificate are:
• The Assistant Director of Administration, Antonio Palacios, leader of the P2P enhancement potential identification project.
• The Coordinator of Fixed Assets, Raquel Moreno, who is at the head of the project to optimize card liquidation processes.
• The Head of the ICC, David Muñoz, and supervisors of that centre, Adrián Cuadrado and Javier Piña, who are part of the group reducing incidents at the loading area.
• Process Specialist, Raquel Díez, who participated to support all the above initiatives.

Te Interesa Talk on Vopak Terquimsa

We’ve organized a new Te Interesa talk at headquarters. The Managing Director of Vopak Terquimsa, Eduardo Sañudo, explained the operation and activities at the company, which is 50% owned by CLH, and some of the differences between managing chemicals and oil products. You can see the complete talk on the CLH Channel.

Homage to the People Who Have Worked at CLH for 30 Years

Just as each year, we held an event at headquarters to pay homage to all professionals celebrating 30 years of work at the company this year.

The people who received this recognition in 2019 were Juan Manuel Ossorio, Juan Carlos Izaguirre, Pedro Recalde, Luis Miguel San Emeterio, José Valdelvira and Jaime Perdicas (absent).

More than a Million Visits at the Contigo Site

Our Contigo website has surpassed a million visits which proves a high degree of interest by everyone at CLH. The initiative, which is a part of our cultural transformation process, was created to modernize our work methods and reinforce internal communication.

Cultural Transformation: Connecting People

Our colleagues at the Barcelona facility and airport organized a padel championship and then shared a BBQ to enjoy a day of sport and fun.

On the other hand, people from the Cadiz facility and their families did some hiking through the Los Alcornocales Natural Park.