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III CLH Forum: It’s Time

For the third year running, we held the CLH Forum - a dynamic and participatory event gathering more than 120 people including team leaders and participants in the modules under the slogan “It’s Time” to spread awareness for the latest initiatives we’re developing together to guarantee our company’s sustainability in today’s changing environment.

The Chairman, CEO and more than 40 colleagues from several departments spoke during the conferences which were guided by theatre director and coaching expert, Tamzim Townsend.

In all, we organized nine working sessions as well as different dynamics and a short film contest which gave those in attendance the chance to reinforce their skills, share ideas and strengthen a sense of teamwork.

We also did a little awareness activity called “Women At the Top” during which female colleagues in attendance stood up one-by-one, telling everyone at the top of their voices their name and position as a symbol for reflecting upon equal opportunities.

Likewise, we handed out the Teamwork, Aporta and References awards in recognition for colleagues who have demonstrated special implication and commitment to the company.

It’s time to...
Be safer

Safety continues to be one of our strategic pillars and we must always keep it present in everything we do. We presented our new vision of Safety at the event and spoke of the lessons learnt following one industrial incident.

Guarantee the future

Our long-term sustainability involves developing new lines of business and providing new services in Spain and abroad. That’s why we went through a few of the initiatives we’re carrying out to diversify.

Look outwards

We also talked about out internationalization process from the company’s perspective and through a more personal look with testimonials from several colleagues who assessed their experiences working abroad.

Be more efficient

We emphasized the need to find the most efficient way to do things. To do so, we reviewed some of the projects we’re implementing to homogenize processes and standardize the way in which we work, especially at our facilities.


We shared our digitization strategy, listing some of the projects already underway such as the implementation of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance or robots for administrative tasks, among others.

Work as a team

We revealed the new way of working that we’ll be extending to the entire company (“the daisy method”) in order to do tasks in a more organized, efficient and systematic way with a decisive transversal drive seeking improvement throughout the organization.