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With your help, we continue improving your and everyone’s safety
AT ALL FACILITIES. We’ve published a sign with the new Security vision to spread awareness at all worksites.

We’ve re-defined our vision of Safety and have approved an action plan to reinforce our prevention culture as part of the Always Safely programme.

We’ve begun phase two of the Always Safely programme, the project we started at the beginning of this year to make a diagnosis of what could help us continue improving the Safe Prevention Culture at our company.

“During the first phase, we conducted online surveys, held focus groups and interviewed nearly 800 people at our company and collaborating companies to extract our main strengths and opportunities for improvement,” says the Corporate Director of Transformation, Juan Bonilla.

Of the strengths detected, the report highlights that we are a good company to work for and maintain a good working relationship among all. It also emphasizes that we have made significant improvements in our safety culture in recent years which has been reinforced with messages from the CEO and continuing training opportunities, and that we do not place any barriers on making the necessary investments.

“We’ve seen significant improvement in our security culture in the last few years”

With respect to the opportunities for improvement, the report underlines a concern for individual safety on one-man shifts and increasing control over collaborating companies. Moreover, it recommends more involvement to reduce risks, especially from the leadership, and a better development of the Safety vision.

The action plan

“Based on the results of the survey, we’ve begun an action plan to encourage carefulness and protection for people,” explains the Assistant Manager of HSSE, Jesús Manso.

We immediately rolled out three priority measures:

1.The Management Committee approved a new vision of Safety, the definition of which came with the participation of many people in the group who offered suggestions and comments.

The vision is defined as “always guaranteeing personal safety and environmental protection” and includes specific behaviours we expect at all levels of the organization:

• Directors: incorporating safety at the forefront of any strategy, engaging in visible leadership and promoting the company’s participation in ongoing improvement in the area of safety.

• Upper and middle management: prioritizing safety when planning work, making sure the team and contractors are informed and trained and get involved in proactively detecting and solving problems.

• Employees: being demanding when it comes to safety issues, reflecting on the risks before beginning any work, actively responding to unsafe situations or learning from others.

2. We’ve begun offering training programmes focusing on Leadership in Safety for CLH and CLH Aviación facility and operations heads and other team leaders in key positions which will help us better understand the priorities and implications of putting Safety first in our behaviours.

These courses include theory and dynamics as well as a customized training plan for each participant which is to be developed through individual coaching sessions.

3. We are reviewing the safety processes relating to one-man shifts in order to get people more involved in the debate on best practices and designing specific measures to minimize possible risks.

Once these first measures have been developed, which will help us build a solid foundation for the project’s growth, we’ll deploy new initiatives in 2020 particularly aimed at improving people’s awareness of risks and boosting communication between management and their teams.