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Innovation as a guarantee for the future

To continue adapting to the current environment of change, we are driving innovation projects that allow us to improve services and contribute to the development of alternative energies.

We continue getting ready to guarantee the future of our group in the current energy transition period marked by the decarbonization of the economy, progress in renewable energies and new public emissions reduction policies.

To ensure the continuity of our company, we have been working for several years on the diversification of our activities by offering new specialized services for our customers, expanding internationally and boosting our aviation business where we are also leaders.

“We’ve been working for several years on diversifying our activities to ensure our continuity”

As part of this strategy for the future, another cornerstone is driving innovation and development, an area where we’ve invested nearly 23 million in the last three years in an effort to offer more and more efficient and safer services with the inclusion of the most modern technological advances and the automation of our processes.

We are also prioritizing R&D&i projects related to the development of alternative energies which help us cooperate with the sustainability of the planet and position ourselves in new sectors where we can contribute our experience.

Alternative Fuel

We’re participating in the R&D&i project “3R2020+. From Waste to Resource Through Recycling” along with a consortium of companies led by the waste management company Urbaser.

With this project, which is funded by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (Centre for the Industrial and Technological Development, CDTI), we are playing a major role in obtaining fuel from plastic waste from discarded bags which are very contaminating and difficult to recycle.

At its pilot plant in Zaragoza, Urbaser has worked on the transformation of plastic waste through pyrolysis to convert it into hydrocarbon distillates while our laboratory has been responsible for analysing the compound obtained, giving the necessary instructions to improve it and using the proper additives to achieve a quality final product.

The close collaboration between the participants over these four years has made it possible to create a fuel which, when 50% blended with traditional diesel, meets the legal specifications and is suitable for use in vehicles.

We recently conducted a pilot study with an Urbaser lorry which used this alternative fuel optimized by our laboratory to perform waste collection duties in the streets of Madrid under normal operational conditions.

Promoting hydrogen

We have just signed an agreement with the North American company Plug Power, a world leader in the design and marketing of hydrogen cell systems, to spread the use of this energy throughout Spain.

This alliance will allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to sectors and businesses where the use of hydrogen may be the most efficient zero-emissions solution such as the case of handling materials or transporting goods. To this end, we are particularly assessing the energization of forklifts and equipment operated at ports and airports.

Our services will include both the adaptation of existing equipment for the use of hydrogen as well as the marketing of new equipment, the continuous supply of hydrogen and the construction and maintenance of the necessary infrastructures.

Through this project, we are contributing our experience and knowledge in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of transport and storage networks as well as our capabilities in designing and implementing service offerings for industrial customers.

Improved enroute sales services

We have perfected our systems to offer an all-new return service. From now on, customers can return any excess fuel during enroute fuel sales quickly and easily.

Drivers may autonomously extract a sample of the excess fuel in the area set up for returns for laboratory analysis as well as connect equipment to the lorry, empty tanks and pick up operation certificates.

The improvements introduced have allowed us to automate the different steps and, if the driver needs assistance, advice and help are available from plant managers.

In order to make this project a reality, we engaged in our own technological developments and completed adaptation work on our systems with work done by the areas of Marketing and Sales, Automation, Information Systems, Quality, Operations and Engineering.

Following the successful pilot study at the Torrejón de Ardoz facility, we will begin implementing this new service gradually at other facilities.