Letter from the CEO

Strengthening the Future

We’re now facing the final stretch of the year motivated to keep moving forward with the initiatives implemented to guarantee our group’s sustainability in the current energy transition period. As we do so, we continue to make an effort to increase our efficiency, reinforce our services and analyse new business opportunities.

Our primary resolve is still safety - of people and assets. Thus, we’re now launching a plan in the autumn to improve our safety culture at all levels beginning with the Management Committee.

Another important project we’ve recently begun and which is going full speed ahead is the ONE programme aimed at transforming our corporate information processes and systems so that we have the most modern and integrated tools and technologies to make our work easier and allow us to dedicate more time to tasks of added value.

Along this road to innovation, we’ve also got plans to digitize most of our activities. We’re already working on a new asset management system which is more intelligent and advanced and we’ve started using mobile devices at our facilities to help perform our various tasks in a more flexible and simpler way.

And this is just the beginning because we’d like to take advantage of all the benefits offered by technology such as the all-new data analysis systems or artificial intelligence to continue adapting to an ever more complex environment.

To reflect upon this phase of evolution as well as our commitment to sustainability, we’ve defined a new corporate purpose we hope summarizes our group’s reason for being from a global approach considering all our stakeholders so it can become a shared and exciting aspiration for all of us at CLH Group.

Now, more than ever, we believe any company that wishes to last over time must have a purpose that provides a reason for being for the actions taken and specifies its main contribution to the world and the society in which it operates far beyond the inevitable uncertainty around us. We have summarized it all as follows:

“Play an active role in the development of our society and the sustainability of our planet by managing essential infrastructures for the wellbeing of all citizens”.

By engaging in all our actions in accordance with this purpose, I am convinced we’ll continue to be a relevant player and a reference for other Spanish and international companies irrespective of any situational changes that may occur.