Letter from the Chairman

On the Right Path

The organization Business Roundtable, whose members are the chief executive officers of 181 of the leading U.S. companies, recently published a new statement of principles with a new more responsible vision of the world of business quite similar to the corporate responsibility policy we passed for the CLH Group in 2007 and have been developing ever since.

The new Business Roundtable principles are listed in a document of just 300 words through which the companies belonging to this prestigious organization, which employ more than 15 million people and generate annual revenue of more than seven trillion dollars, commit to generating value for their various stakeholders and not only their shareholders.

This new statement advocates creating value for consumers, investing in employees and dealing fairly and ethically with suppliers, contributing to the development of the communities in which they work and creating long-term value for their shareholders.

It’s a statement that fully corresponds to the company’s vision developed at CLH in 2007: to collaborate with economic, environmental and social progress, provide customers excellent service, ensure profitability for shareholders, foster job promotion among employees and a balance between their personal and professional lives; and with the corporate responsibility policy passed at the time yet especially with the way in which we’ve been operating all these years.

“We’ve been moving along the right path, convinced that a company’s sustainability is only possible if it adequately meets the needs of society and its stakeholders”

This has been reflected in our annual reports in which we periodically review our corporate social responsibility actions. It is also reflected in the pages of this magazine, as can be seen in this very edition, in which we outline various initiatives of collaboration with society recently implemented as well as different projects to encourage equality, facilitate people’s work at the company, enhance service quality for our customers and boost safety in all our activities.

All of this indicates that over the last few years we’ve been moving along the right path, convinced that a company’s sustainability is only possible if it adequately meets the needs of the society in which it operates and its various stakeholders. In fact, we also recently added this idea to the new definition of our corporate purpose as mentioned by our CEO, Jorge Lanza, in this magazine so that it can be used as a guide for the future by all of us who are part of CLH Group.