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An Engine to Take Off Flying

We work at CLH Group to be better each and every day. We apply this philosophy to our work, but also other aspects beyond this such as our contributions to society and particularly in the towns where we’re present.

To this end, we have been promoting our Entrepreneurism Support Policy for years to contribute to the development of innovative projects and stimulate the creation of new enterprises and jobs. This policy, which is applied nationally, came about during the economic crisis that affected the country at the end of the last decade as a way to offer a diving board for new initiatives with great potential.

To date, the company’s contributions have helped develop more than 40 innovative projects, all mainly selected because they offer innovative solutions in areas as varied as environmental care, energy efficiency, agriculture and education.

This philosophy led us to being named the “2013-2016 Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Strategy Entity” by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security. We currently maintain agreements with different organizations to drive entrepreneurism:

“With its entrepreneurism support policy, the company has helped develop more than 40 innovative projects”

Campus Iberus is a strategic alliance between public universities in the middle Ebro Valley (La Rioja, Lleida, Pública de Navarra and Zaragoza). Both entities sponsor the Entrepreneurism Awards Programme Iberus-CLH Emprende each year with 13,000 euros in awards available. The programme is now in its sixth year.

Since 2014, the company has been collaborating with ADE2020, an incubator for innovative projects and an initiative by the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE). It will hold its tenth awards ceremony in 2019 for the most innovative projects in the region.

The company and the Region of Murcia Development Institute (INFO) work together to promote futuristic ideas and business projects within this community. To do so, they created the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards which will be held for the fifth time this year to acknowledge the top three initiatives of the year.