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Ángel Ordóñez, Fuel Receipt Technician
OUT AND ABOUT. The CLH office he has at the Cepsa refinery in Algeciras is Ángel’s habitual place of work.

At CLH, he verifies and controls the quality and quantity of fuel entering the company’s logistics system from the Cepsa refinery in Algeciras. In his free time, photography has led him to discovering the world and new hobbies.

One of the main characteristics of all Fuel Receipt Control technicians at CLH is that most of their working hours are spent at third-party facilities. This is the case of Ángel Ordóñez, a technician at the Algeciras terminal. His work roughly consists of “supervising and ensuring the fuel that enters CLH from the Cepsa refinery and through tanker ship operations at the company’s own facilities comply with the quality parameters required and at the established quantity”.

Therefore, the first thing he does upon arriving at the oil company’s facilities where “three-fourths of his working hours” are spent is go to the laboratory. It’s eight o’clock in the morning, but the activity here never stops. “I check the analyses for the fuel entering CLH to make sure it’s within the specifications and take a look at the ones that have come up with unexpected results,” he says. Ángel works shoulder-to-shoulder with Cepsa personnel and says there is “total collaboration and transparency”.

“Our work requires a lot of coordination. If we didn’t work as a team and all cooperate, we couldn’t achieve our goals”

Later on in his office at the refinery, he goes over the planned deliveries which “may be by pipeline, pipes or tanker ships”. Besides the quality, he must verify that the quantity is correct and, therefore, must follow measuring protocols to ensure the Cepsa data coincide with the data in the CLH systems.

DESCARGA DE BUQUES. Ángel debe estar presente en los puertos cuando se produce una entrega de producto vía barco.

Deliveries are arduous tasks involving communication and coordination with different areas of the company to define the frequency or ideal time for dispatch: “I am in permanent contact with the Algeciras and San Roque facilities, Logistics Planning and the Pipeline Monitoring and Facility Monitoring centres as well as other ports and the harbour master’s offices”.

He actually has to be at the port in a half hour to meet an incoming ship. His tasks there involve taking samples and certifying the quantity in the ship coincides with the discharge data. Likewise, he makes sure all documentation is complete which is “a priority issue due to the tax and customs requirements”.

Upon finishing that operation, he heads off to the CLH facility in Algeciras to do some analyses ordered by an external customer, a service that is “becoming more and more in demand”. Besides this, he plans his trip tomorrow to Rota where he’ll supervise the delivery of military fuel by pipeline to the naval base and takes the opportunity to greet his colleagues. “Our work requires a lot of coordination as deliveries have no set schedules. If we didn’t work as a team and all cooperate, we couldn’t achieve our goals,” he says.

A Snapshot

After finishing his work today, Ángel isn’t going home as he usually does. He’s using part of his afternoon to attend the inauguration of a photography exhibit. The world of photography has actually been one of his great passions for several years. “An old friend introduced me to this world and I became captivated,” he says.

Over time, he’s learnt all the secrets of photography and enjoys “carrying a camera on his shoulder” to capture anything that interests him, whether it may be a landscape or an everyday situation, always recalling references like Sebastiao Salgado, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Chema Madoz. He’s a member of a photography association through which he is constantly learning new things and with which he shares his work, but he’s never exhibited any of his work because he says his photos are for him.

His hobby is so present in his life that it even influences his free time. “My holidays are spent in places I want to photograph or where I can go to exhibits”. London and Paris are some of the destinations he’s visited with a camera in hand and he’s now planning an upcoming getaway to Berlin.

“Everyone takes photos with their mobile phones nowadays, but I prefer the ritual of traditional cameras,” he assures while looking at his inseparable Fujifilm. He dreams of travelling to places like Tokyo or going back to Yosemite National Park in the United States with more time to “grab his camera” and capture moments to last in images.

WITH SO MANY NUANCES. Whether visiting exhibits or taking his own photos (many in black and white), Ángel enjoys all sides of photography.