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Committed to Innovation and the Environment

CLH Group has earmarked nearly 60 million euros to environmental and R+D+i projects in the last three years aimed at using resources more efficiently and guaranteeing the sustainability of its operations.

Caring for the Environment

The company has invested more than 35 million euros in environmental projects since 2016. Some of the main initiatives have included continuing to modernize its most important industrial equipment which has helped save energy and reduce associated emissions.

It has also conducted an ambitious study to renovate the lighting at plant loading areas and replace them with LED lamps which are more efficient and longer-lasting.

CLH has continued to make progress with the vapor recovery unit (VRU) signal automation process aimed at getting better performance out of this equipment and minimizing emissions during tanker truck loading operations at its facilities.

Moreover, it has completed another group of projects that have reduced waste at facilities by 39.9% through a reduction of waste from tank cleaning and have lowered paper consumption at headquarters by 35.7%. This amounts to 2,729 kilos of paper and a drop of two tonnes in CO2 emissions.

Protecting Biodiversity

In collaboration with the GREFA association, the company has conducted environmental studies confirming the integration of its pipelines through environmentally sensitive areas. It is also conducting similar studies to measure the impact of its pipeline maintenance work in Protected Natural Areas on the biodiversity.

Innovation Projects

In the last three years, CLH Group has invested nearly 23 million euros in innovation and development projects including re-designing the integrated management of its assets with the inclusion of predictive maintenance criteria and asset health strategies based on criticality and Big Data analyses.

The company has also begun implementing mobile devices at its peripheral centres and facilities with a specific app for maintenance management. The use of artificial intelligence and image comparison tools to monitor the pipeline route is also being studied..

Improving Service

CLH is re-designing its logistics processes and supporting applications in order to offer our customers better service and meet our stakeholders’ needs.

Moreover, it continues to participate in unique R+D+i projects related to microbiological pollution prevention in aviation fuels, the evaluation of new fuels from alternative sources and the use of hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms for soil clean-up work.

Fostering Jobs for the Disabled

In line with its commitment to society, CLH Group has reached two agreements to boost and reinforce the inclusion of the disabled in the job market.

ONCE Foundation

CLH has renewed its collaboration with the ONCE Foundation with an economic donation and by expanding the Inserta Agreement signed in 2014, by which the company fosters the indirect job insertion of the disabled by purchasing goods and contracting services from special employment centres. This agreement is part of the operational Social Inclusion and Social Economy (Poises) and Youth Employment (POEJ) programmes being developed by the ONCE Foundation through Inserta with co-funding from the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative.

Prodis Fundation

CLH has signed a new agreement with Prodis Foundation, a non-profit association with which the company has been collaborating for years by contracting services (such as handling services to distribute this magazine), to support the full job integration of the disabled. In virtue of this agreement, CLH made an economic donation to the Foundation which will be entirely used to develop employment and training programmes for this group of people.

EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION. To the left, the Area Director for Enterprises, Strategic Alliances and CSR-D of Inserta Empleo, Mar Medeiros, and the Corporate Director of HR, Cristina Jaraba. To the right, a Prodis Foundation special employment centre with which CLH collaborates.