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CLH to Analyse Fuel Quality in Catalonia

The CLH Central Laboratory will analyse the quality of the fuel supplied by service stations in Catalonia after having again been awarded the corresponding contract by the Generalitat. The agility and efficiency of our workforce in 2018 who conducted the quality controls at the Torrejón and Barcelona laboratories was crucial to this decision.

This service is being provided in addition to other similar services for other administrations in Cantabria, La Rioja, Navarra, Andalusia and ENSE (Portuguese National Energy Institution), all of which are allowing the company to broaden its experience and enhance the prestige of its laboratories.

CLH Aviación Begins Operations at the Burgos Airport

After being awarded the contract from the Spanish aviation authority, AENA, the company began operating at the Burgos Airport providing into-plane fuelling and managing the fuel storage facility at the airport. CLH Aviación will handle these tasks for the next seven years.

The Villaverde Facility Launches a New Digital Delivery Note System

The Villaverde facility was the chosen site to develop the pilot “e-delivery note” project which is an all-new digital delivery note system that allows lorry drivers to check loading operations documentation on a mobile device instead of having to print it on paper. The results of the first phase will help make progress with the basic architecture and functionality of this new computer development in order to produce a definitive version before the end of the year.

Visits to Company Facilities

Representatives from CORES and several members from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition visited the Pipeline Monitoring Centre and the Archives at Torrejón de Ardoz.

On the other hand, members of the Repsol sales team in Catalonia and Aragon were able to visit the Barcelona facility, taking a look at the main points of interest at that plant.


Sports and Fun at the 3rd CLH Padel Tournament

A total of 28 CLH colleagues participated in the third CLH Padel Tournament at Ciudad de la Raqueta (Madrid). Along with family and friends, they enjoyed a day of sport and a good atmosphere during which there was also time for a barbecue.

The winners of the main competition were Álvaro Martínez, from the Huelva facility, and Iván Henche, from the Villaverde CPM, who beat Alberto Barbero, from headquarters, and Rubén Jiménez, from the Pipeline Monitoring Centre.

CLH would like to thank all those in attendance for their sportsmanship and enthusiasm, especially those who came from outside Madrid.

Collaborating with GREFA to Reinsert Lesser Kestrel Young

Just like every year, a group from CLH along with their family and friends went on an excursion to Arganda del Rey (Madrid) to visit the kestrel centre the company built along with GREFA, an organization CLH has been collaborating with for years, in order to protect the lesser kestrel, a bird in danger of extinction. Those participating has the opportunity to help reinsert several young and do a nest construction workshop.

Newborn Baskets

We’ve implemented an initiative to send a basket to all new parents at CLH. It’s a gift to congratulate our professionals on their new arrivals. Our colleague Marita Cortés, from the Arahal facility, was the first to receive one following the birth of her son Darío. “It’s a lovely gift that clearly reflects how much CLH values its employees’ families as is also seen by the other social benefits dedicated to children. It was a surprise and honour for Darío to be the first. We’re going to really enjoy it.”

Participating in Sector Events

IV Annual Energy Forum. The CLH Group Chairman, José Luis López de Silanes, participated in the roundtable ‘The Role of Networks in the New Energy Mix’ organized by El Economista.

FETSA General Assembly. The CEO of CLH, Jorge Lanza, participated in the FETSA (Federation of European Tank Storage Associations) General Assembly.

Executive Forum Breakfast. Jorge Lanza also attended this event where he spoke about the energy transition and the future of oil products.

3rd Soil Pollution Conference. Knowledge Exchange. Environmental specialist Daniel López shared the CLH experience with soil remediation at this event held in Barcelona.

AEC Quality Conference. The Assistant Manager of Quality and Innovation, Félix Gómez, participated in this conference organized by the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC).

AESA Forum. The Assistant Manager of Logistics Services, Gorka Penalva, attended this event organized by the Automatic Service Station Association (AESAE).