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Initiatives to Improve Safety at CLH
COMMUNICATION IS KEY. The company makes various information tools available to everyone to reinforce safety.

We’ve implemented various communication practices through all levels of the company to continue learning and making progress in the areas of prevention and safety.

Safety is a strategic and transversal element in business management and is present in everything we do. That’s why, at CLH, we make an effort each day to turn our company into the safest place to work. Of course, this also includes caring for and protecting our people.

To this end, “there are many initiatives implemented year after year to spread awareness among our workforce and ensure it is aligned with the CLH Group policies,” explains Assistant Manager of HSSE, Jesús Manso. These actions are mainly aimed at knowledge and the goal is “to learn lessons about incidents that have occurred or may have occurred to prevent them from happening again or occurring in the future”.

“The goal is to learn lessons about incidents that have occurred or may have occurred to prevent them from happening again or occurring in the future”

Communication is key to this task and the latest suggestions implemented are based on a desire to keep improving. “Collaboration is an ally for safety and we thank our team for their participation and implication in these initiatives. The more of us who get involved, the better the results will be,” says Cristina Gil, Risk Prevention Officer.

Here are some of the best practices enforced at CLH to strengthen our commitment to safety.

1. Did you know...?

A monthly document for supervisors and middle management with information on occupational health and safety as well as industrial safety. It reviews incidents that have occurred previously or any episode that may have had consequences for people or the facilities. Likewise, it’s a way to remember well-known safety measures or discuss any other issue deemed necessary. It’s the basis for our 5.5 talks.

2. 5.5 Talks

On the 5th of each month, all activity stops for five minutes at all worksites to dedicate some time to safety. The Did you know...? document offers ideas for dialogue; however, it’s actually a specific time to talk about any safety-related aspect such as problems at the plants, accidents that have occurred, preventive measures, regulations...

3. News Flash

When an accident occurs or was about to occur, this document is produced so everyone can be aware of the consequences and take the necessary measures to prevent the hazard situation from ever occurring again at any worksite (since operations are very similar at all of them). It is published on the Contigo Portal.

4. Accident Modelling

After an incident or situation that could have ended up as an accident (the consequences of which may have been serious) occurs, the worksite must outline it in a report. However, the accident modelling document is more than that since it’s shared by all operational areas so they may all know about it and become aware. It’s part of the internal procedure ‘Incident and Industrial Accident Communication, Analysis, Investigation and Recording’ (PE-0257.PRE).

5. CLH Safety Day

Although prevention and safety are continuously present in everything we do, we celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work each year with various initiatives aimed at spreading awareness. In 2019, the main theme was road safety with various participatory activities organized. Moreover, we made a video in which our CEO, Jorge Lanza, encouraged everyone to drive carefully.

PREVENTION BEHAVIOUR. Maintaining an attitude of anticipation and prevention significantly reduces the risks of any activity.