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Transforming Our Processes and Systems

CLH Group is set to invest nearly eight million euros in transforming its main processes and information systems through Project ONE which will make it possible to modernize our way of work and increase our efficiency.

Our international expansion has allowed us to diversify our activities and spread our logistics experience to other countries in the world like the United Kingdom, Ireland and Panama. In most cases, this process has meant including new cultures and ways of working based on the characteristics of each country.

Considering this situation, we’ve implemented Project ONE, “an ambitious programme in which we’ll invest nearly eight million euros to allow us to operate as a real group, creating a common and homogeneous way of working,” explains Corporate Technical Director, Javier Alonso.

To achieve this, the project plans to define a single operating model for the entire group. “We’d like all of us to do things the same way based on best practices and our policies all while including local aspects from each country as far as the laws, accounting and taxation,” says the Director of Information Systems, José Valdelvira.

Starting off with this basic focus, we’re also defining specific roles “to clearly delimit each company’s competencies in the main areas of management to enhance coordination and teamwork within the group,” explains Pedro Culebras, Assistant Manager of Application Management.

And with the help of the consulting firm Everis, we’re streamlining our major corporate processes relating to Financial Management (Accounting, Management Control, Treasury and Billing), Procurement (Operations and Strategy) and Human Resources to eliminate any unnecessary steps and make our work easier.

New Technologies

To accompany this new reference model, one of the most ambitious initiatives under Project ONE is updating our computing systems which will begin next year in the United Kingdom and Mexico and get underway in Ireland and Spain in 2021.

“We’ll be implementing the same programs and tools in all group companies and those programs and tools will also be more advanced and come with new features to help reinforce our synergies, foster collaboration and optimize our time,” highlights Corporate Systems Manager, Carlos Sicilia.

We’ve chosen SAP HANA as the main solution “due to its functionality, flexibility and ease of implementation in all countries,” underlines Julián Romero, Head of Projects and Applications.

This updating will also allow us to streamline the number of programs used. “60% of all the apps we currently use will disappear as we’re going to go from using 40 to less than 15. We’ll have less programs, but they’ll be more complete”.

More Modern Work Methods

Better Information

All information will be stored in a single platform following the very same criteria. This means it’ll be possible to check data in real time on investments, invoices, cash flow, human resources and procurement which will make it possible to generate reports and do studies without needing to check various sources or programs, giving us a more complete analytical vision.

More Mobility

Users will be able to view a large quantity of information on their phone screens in real time. This means managers will be able to authorize holidays, payment orders and even investments from their devices.

Smart Procurement Management

The system will analyse the group’s consumption trends, calculate how much time it takes to use up certain items and will handle automatic orders. It will also be able to group small requests from each plant in order to process larger orders to bring down costs.

An employee portal that is more evolutional and modern

With more information on social benefits. It will be the only one for everyone at the group so all of us can have the same tool and all information will be centralized.

Booking portal

Users will be able to book tickets and hotels for business travel using an all-new app which is integrated with the travel agency and will include prices, photos, timetables and accommodation locations.

More simplified and automatic financial processes

to have a 360º vision of suppliers and customers (orders, invoices, incidents...).

Robotization of simple manual tasks so we can dedicate more time to tasks of greater value.

In a first phase, we have been successfully testing automatic form completion for public institutions using a robot program that opens files, extracts information, completes the fields and sends the documents all by itself.

Corporate procurement through a digital catalogue

Similar to large specialized websites with photos and a description of the items and prices. Depending on pre-set permissions, each user may purchase items directly.

All of the group’s suppliers will be found in a single portal

Which will include all-new solutions like “self-generating invoices”: each department will generate invoices autonomously in their name for purchases of a limited amount through trustworthy suppliers.

Improved new hire process.

All new hires will automatically receive a welcome email right before they start with information on their duties. From the very first day, they’ll have an assigned laptop with all the necessary apps for their job and even scheduled training courses.

New company inclusion procedure

We will create a model for new companies that join the group where the steps, duties and programs that must be adopted will be defined.