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Winners of the INFO-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Nido Robotics, Useful Wastes and Flecho were the winners of this award handed out by CLH and the Region of Murcia Development Institute for the region’s best entrepreneurial projects in order to contribute to their development and consolidation.

First prize
NIDO Robotics

The winner of the Info-CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards was Nido Robotics, an underwater robotics company that has begun selling the first low-cost, small-sized professional underwater drone. The model was launched worldwide for the purpose of reaching a very broad public such as companies, private individuals, divers, scientists and technology fans.

“Our solution stands out because it’s a professional, open, modular and highly scalable proposal. And our prices are three times lower than the competition’s,” says Roy Peter Torgersen, Founder and CEO of Nido Robotics.

The company was founded in 2016 “after realising that the solutions offered on the market were excessively expensive for most people with underwater assets and facilities,” he concludes.

Second prize
Useful Wastes

Useful Wastes is an agri-food start-up that works to resolve the water deficit and pollution produced by farms. To do so, it has developed an innovative system that eliminates 100% of the brine from desalination procedures so wells can be used for farming irrigation and the waste obtained can be marketed as a disinfectant for food cleaning processes.

Third prize

This is a device that reinforces the safety of minor medical interventions. It is the size of a mobile phone and, when placed on the skin, receives an image of the patient’s blood vessels on the screen to visually assist with the insertion of catheters and to increase medical accuracy.