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Fire Protection System (FPS)

The company’s facilities are ready to fight any fire-related industrial incident and protect people’s safety and the integrity of the equipment and the environment.

Essential at our facilities

FPS (fire protection equipment), which is basic at all of our facilities due to their characteristics, is an effective prevention tool.

For any scenario

The FPS system is adapted to the characteristics of each facility and designed to effectively overcome the worst-case scenario in compliance with IP 02 standards for liquid petroleum storage premises.


The fire protection system has two parts:
EXTINGUISHING: it projects a mix of water and foam through hydrants or sprinklers to the inside of tanks, over pumps, the road tanker loading areas and API ponds (which collect hydrocarbon water). The purpose is to control and extinguish fires affecting critical equipment.
Cooling: it sprinkles water through a pipe ring on the top of the tanks all over the outsides of these tanks to control the fuel temperature if necessary.


The FPS pump room is what makes it all work as it maintains the pressure in the entire circuit and carries the water all over the facility. The room features different power sources to guarantee operation if there is a power outage.


All the system equipment except the manual hydrants or monitoring hydrants are controlled from the control room and automatic. They may also be manually activated (or released) using the emergency buttons installed in different places around the terminals.

Safety drills

Each facility has a Self-Protection Plan (PAU) to conduct safety drills several times a year to check the proper conditions of the system equipment and help people become familiar with its use.