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Rubén Pérez, Computer Applications Project Manager
THE CHALLENGE OF TECHNOLOGY. Rubén helps streamline CLH activities by developing software and computer applications.

At CLH, he develops software to meet new business needs and keep the company advancing through technology, a field he also works on in his free time in combination with his passion for the mountains.

An early riser, Rubén is always one of the first on the job. After having a much-needed cup of coffee, he sits down to check the task planning and milestones for the day. He has been with the company for a little over a year where he is the Computer Applications Project Manager. His work consists of “developing software so the company can optimise its business model and keep advancing with the help of technology”.

FROM MEETING TO MEETING. Work meetings are quite common in Rubén’s daily schedule.

He is responsible for supervising these kinds of projects from the beginning to the end. “Several are often going on at the same time, each with a bigger or smaller scope and with different deadlines,” he says. The pattern that governs his work is the same however: “By collaborating with the different business divisions, we can detect possible needs and study the best way to find a solution. Once defined, the details are analysed and a project is designed and then we go from the development to the testing and rollout phases.”

A good number of the projects he’s responsible for is related to the Logistics Systems Plan, which is strategic for the company given the very particular and specific characteristics of the business. “We generally develop applications from scratch due to the special nature of the requirements; however, we sometimes find valid software solutions in the market which we then adapt to our needs,” he explains.


“Meetings are a constant part of my day-to-day either with the different CLH business divisions or collaborating companies. They usually take up half my day.” He’s just finished a meeting to analyse means of improvement related to a ‘quick win’ project and has entered another related to the Podium programme. “We’re working on standardisation and instrumentation for the corporate project management method, an initiative aimed at becoming more efficient and streamlining our performance,” he says. With so many and such varied open fronts, Rubén must constantly change his whole mindset to focus on each one’s specific needs.

“In my area and throughout the company, we have a very important challenge ahead. Technologically, CLH is a well-positioned company in the sector but we must keep working to renovate and update our systems,” he states. And that is exactly what Rubén does, always coming up with the best solution with applications that can streamline our activities. “I love solving problems that arise in software development.”

Adrenalin in the mountains

Although he truly enjoys his work, Rubén finds the best way to relax is in the mountains: “I love everything that has to do with them: mountaineering, canyoning, caving...”. But there’s one thing that stands out above the rest: climbing.

He’s been doing sport climbing for many years. It’s “an activity that tests your limits where the challenge is overcoming your own physical and mental capabilities because you don’t compete with anyone else.” When at his best, Rubén has been able to successfully ascend 7a grade routes which is “quite remarkable for an amateur considering that professionals move in the eight and nine grade difficulty levels.

A PASSION FOR THE MOUNTAINS. Whether doing sport climbing or enjoy nature with his daughter, the mountains is Rubén’s escape.

Climbing has been the focus of his free time for the last few years: “Mountain destinations have always been the centre of my holiday destinations.” And Rubén has climbed the most emblematic peaks in Spain (Aneto, Mulhacén, Monte Perdido...): “Very few activities allow you to be in such direct contact with nature and offer such spectacular views”.

His level of demand has gone down a bit since the birth of his daughter three years ago, but he has definitively not lost his passion for the mountains. Nowadays, he and his partner, Isabel, who is also a climber, share this hobby with their daughter by going on hikes whenever they can. In a few years, he hopes to be able to climb with her. “My plans also include organising a climb to the highest mountains in the Alps or the Atlas.”