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Guaranteeing a Sustainable Future for CLH Group

Several members of the CLH Board of Directors, led by Chairman José Luis López de Silanes and CEO Jorge Lanza, as well as several members of the Management Committee participated in a conference in Haro (La Rioja) to debate the company’s future and establish the guidelines for guaranteeing its sustainable growth.

During the first session, CEO Jorge Lanza and the Director of Marketing and Sales, Jorge Guillén, as well as the Director of Operations, José Luis Conde, presented the company’s current situation and the main projects implemented in the last few years to strengthen our ability to be competitive.

Also participating in this first session was the Chairman of BP Spain and the Spanish Association of Oil Product Operators, Luis Aires, who explained his vision of the future of petroleum and highlighted the sector’s contributions to the Spanish economy as well as its possible contributions to the energy transition process.

During the session on the following day, the Corporate Director of Business Strategy and Development, Carlos Molina, presented the possible means of growth for the next few years through the continuation of the company’s internationalisation plan and diversification in new business areas.

The later debate generated widespread consensus among all those participating in continuing to drive the internationalisation plan and seeking new opportunities to continue expanding the company yet always analysing the feasibility and profitability of each project. To this end, the directors showed a preference for continuing to develop international projects where the company can contribute greater value because of its know-how and experience in airport logistics and joint pipeline management with storage terminals, for example.

A sustainable future
ISO 14001 Management Certification Renewal

CLH and CLH Aviación both successfully completed the monitoring audits by AENOR (Spanish Standards and Certification Agency) to maintain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification at CLH Group.

The Facility Monitoring Centre Includes Tarragona

The Tarragona facility was the most recent one to join the more than 20 terminals already being managed by remote control from the CCI Facility Control Centre with the aim of centralising facility operations management.

ACIE Acknowledges Our Efficiency Improvements

The Spanish Innovation Certification Agency (ACIE) has accepted different CLH projects developing new technologies to improve the productivity of our activities in various areas. Specifically, they include the Predilinea and PIMS projects as well as new applications for managing different services.

CLH Aviación Fuels Iberia’s First Commercial Airbus A350 Flight

CLH Aviación recently began operating Iberia’s A350, the latest aircraft added by the airline as part of the company’s aircraft fleet renewal process.

We performed the first into-plane fuelling at the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport for this A350 plane which took off on 20th July for London. The aircraft, which has a capacity for 348 passengers, is currently operating London and Paris flights although long-distance flights to New York are expected to commence in August.

CLH Panama Begins Operating at Three Airports in the Country

CLH Panamá has begun operations, maintenance and into-plane fuelling activities at the Tocumen, Panamá Pacífico and Río Hato–Scarlett Martínez airports.

These terminals are three of the five airports the company was awarded a contract for at the end of last year following the tender call by the Government of Panama which was later ratified by the AITSA Board and endorsed by the Panama General Audit Office. Pursuant to this agreement, the company will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the fuelling facilities at five of the country’s airports as well as into-plane fuelling at these airports as the sole operator.

Of the airports where CLH Aviación has begun operations, the Tocumen International Airport stands out as it serves the capital city and is considered one of the most important on the continent. We will soon begin operations at the Enrique Jiménez de Colón and Enrique Malek airports.

CLH Panamá will manage the storage facilities at the five airports under a ten-year concession and will build a new service station at the Tocumen airport terminal for better efficiency.

In order to provide this service in line with the highest operations standards, the CLH Aviación Panama-based subsidiary has hired nearly a hundred people and renovated all equipment. Plus, it has added 45 new supply vehicles expressly manufactured for this project.

CLH Aviation Ireland Signs a Service Agreement with Universal Aviation

CLH Aviation Ireland has signed a new service agreement with the into-plane fuelling agent Universal Aviation, the fixed-base operator at the Dublin airport which provides aviation services such as aircraft parking and hire, maintenance and fuelling, and which operates with two Jet A-1 refuelling units dedicated to general aviation.

The services CLH Aviation Ireland will provide to Universal revolve around training on into-plane fuelling operations, inspections and recommendations, revisions and updates to Universal’s Operations and Maintenance manuals as well as forms and records in addition to operations bulletins.

All of this will be done in accordance with regulations and policies approved by the Joint Inspection Group, the international inspection association whose mission is to promote safety, quality control and efficacy in refuelling equipment. CLH Aviación has been a member for several years.

CLH Aviación to Provide Services to Air BP

We have signed a contract with Air BP through which CLH Aviación will provide fuel delivery logistics services (Jet A1 and aviation gasoline) at different airports and airfields where the company works. Jet A1 fuel will be transported from the CLH facilities to the various BP customers at airfields and airports outside the CLH Aviación network. Aviation gasoline transport will supplement the services already provided by CLH Aviación.

With this contract, we hope to gain an edge in overall transport as well as begin supplying special orders to France and Portugal.

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Nacho Casajús, CEO of CLH-PS

Presented the company’s activities at IATA Aviation Fuel Forum 2018..