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Innovation Brings Progress
LEARNING TO IMPROVE A training workshop in the new Innovation room at corporate headquarters.

Doing things differently allows us to achieve different results. Therefore, we research, develop and innovate with new projects to continue growing with technology as our ally.

Writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno once said that “progress is about renewal”. And he was most certainly right given that changing and evolving is what makes us advance. At CLH, we’re convinced of this and, for several years now, innovation has been the cornerstone of our activities as the way to keep us up-to-date.

“Innovation is a strategic lever for the company that allows us to achieve greater efficiency and open up new lines of business that can ensure our sustainability,” says Corporate Technical Director, Javier Alonso.

As occurs with safety, efficiency and quality, we have always driven innovation at CLH and this is directly related to another two concepts - research and development. The resulting formula (R+D+i) is, in the words of Assistant Manager of Quality and Innovation, Félix Gómez, “the path towards doing things in the best known way or in another different way when there are benefits. In short, to be better, more sustainable and maximise the value we offer.”

Rewarded Efforts

In our innovation ecosystem design, we approach R+D+i in a distributed manner; in other words, it is present in all areas of our activities. Each new project we develop is clearly aimed towards innovation either as a whole or as part of the elements thereof. The purpose of it all is to provide the greatest value in our problem resolution and service design.

Each new project we develop is clearly aimed towards innovation either as a whole or as part of the elements thereof

“This philosophy may require more dedication and effort from the teams involved and even a higher level of uncertainty which is inherent to the use of technologies and the challenge of developing one’s own solutions. However, if this weren’t the case, we’d be doing things just as we did decades ago and would not have become the company we are today,” says José Ángel Álvarez, Innovation and Improvement Specialist.

In our model, everyone’s contributions are and will be fundamental. All of their knowledge and ideas have allowed us to develop many projects and research new solutions for our business which have many times led to significant benefits. Tools like Aporta, which channels any suggestion for improvement, help us continue progressing and new initiatives will be implemented in the coming months to keep on innovating.

The Main Lines of Innovation at the CLH Group
Fluid dynamics

We study the way to optimise the transportation of fuel through pipelines to get the best out of our lines.

Industrial automation

We seek greater efficiency in our facility management. Particularly standing out is a project to identify road tanker compartments developed and patented along with the company Montrel.

Fuel technology

We analyse and evaluate new fuels, especially those deriving from alternative raw materials and waste to look at the possibilities of introducing them in today’s market. The ITAKA project to introduce biofuels in aviation is one example of this line.

Hydrocarbon metrology

Ongoing research into hydrocarbon volume or flow measurement equipment and technologies has allowed us to become a national and international reference in this field.

Information systems

We’re re-engineering the logistics processes and applications that support them to offer our customers better service and meet the needs of various stakeholders like the government. Another project already implemented in this area is the new SCADA, which has been operating for months now.


We work on re-designing the integrated management of our corporate assets by including predictive maintenance criteria and asset health strategies based on criticality and Big Data analyses. We are also developing an idea to use artificial intelligence and comparative imagery tools to check the pipeline routes.

The environment

We have conducted a pioneer study of new soil bio-remediation techniques that reinforce the company’s sustainability and provide a significant return for society.

Support processes

We also innovate in other cross-discipline processes that help us with our daily work such as the implementation of a centralised procurement model and people management.