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Our Safety is First

The HSSE division works each day to guarantee the safety and sustainability of our activities and the health of everyone at CLH Group.

The HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) division advises and supports all facilities so they can work safer, most sustainably and healthier in benefit to the environment, the people at the company and all those who habitually have access to them such as contractors and, quite particularly, our customers. Established two years ago as an evolution of the Safety, Environment and Risk Prevention Division, it is made up of 18 people “who work each day to make our company a better place for people and the environment,” says the Assistant Manager, Jesús Manso.

The new division not only changed its name as a symbol of the company’s new international phase, but also made changes to its internal structure to become more efficient. Thus, Industrial Safety and Environmental Affairs became separate areas “because we wanted to reinforce their management”. Moreover, HSSE also added Occupational Risk Prevention, Asset Security and Medical Service.

Another important development occurred a few months back when HSSE began reporting to the Corporate Transformation Department. “We created this department to give the company and boost and transform it and that is exactly what we want to do in terms of the environment, safety and health - deepen the company’s thinking and strengthen our culture of prevention,” explains the Director, Juan Bonilla.

In general, the division advises and monitors compliance with the safety, environmental and occupational health policies approved by the Management Committee. Moreover, it cooperates with all other departments to ensure more safety contacts, awareness campaigns and specific training activities aimed at all company personnel.

Of the main initiatives undertaken in the last few months, Jesús Manso mentioned the division’s efforts to update the safety standards and adapt them to new sector trends as well as make them easier to understand.

He also highlights the new action programme against industrial incidents: “We’ve enhanced investigations of these events and implemented corrective actions based on the conclusions drawn. The Management Committee is supervising these actions and we are coordinating this supervision and implementation.”

Safety From All Angles

Focusing on the company’s assets, the Industrial Safety area, which has officers in different zones, suggests and implements rules to guarantee the integrity and proper handling of our equipment and infrastructures. “To prevent accidents and mitigate their consequences, we must plan the work well and observe all self-protection measures,” says the Head of Industrial Safety, Marta Fernández, who underlines “the significant effort we’re making to disseminate the lessons learnt from incidents that have been recorded in an educational way so they don’t happen again.”


This is the area responsible for safeguarding the plants’ assets against third-party intrusions. The Head of Asset Security, Pablo Mendo, emphasizes: “The collaboration being seen between the Operations Department, Legal Consulting and the police and security forces has enabled us to reduce the illegal actions against our ”.

Medical Service

“One of our main challenges is epidemiological monitoring for known and emerging work-related pathologies to drive prevention. Express assignment of health data from annual check-ups to the Medical Service for this purpose is essential to being able to analyse this information. Another important goal is boosting health promotion measures and prevention campaigns related to the most common chronic diseases today,” explains the Head of the Medical Service, Javier Ranera.

Occupational Risk Prevention

Its mission is to protect the company’s personnel from any work-related risk. As stated by the Head of the Prevention Service, Zacarías Sánchez, “We take care of identifying and evaluating the potential risks the people who work at headquarters or at the facilities are exposed to and suggest prevention measures against any type of incident. Our slogan is Zero Accidents.”

Environmental Affairs

It works to reinforce the company’s stability and minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. For the Head of Environmental Affairs, Pedro Herrero, one of this area’s priorities is to stay on the cutting edge of technology by “continuously searching for innovative methods and techniques”. To do so, it participates in sector work groups and maintains research agreements with different universities. “Another important part of our mission includes soil decontamination and remediation projects at our facilities.”