One of the main concerns of CLH is to guarantee the maximum safety of its facilities. It is for this reason that all CLH infrastructures are designed in accordance with the legislation in force and comply with the most stringent national and international parameters so as to provide total safety for its own staff and their local environment and also for its facilities.

CLH uses a Safety Management System that covers aspects of the organization that have an impact on the protection of people, property and the environment as regards the possible risks involved in its own activities or any that are directly related to the company.

This Management System, which focuses on the elimination, minimization and appropriate control of risks, is applied to all operations, equipment and processes, and to the company's entire human team and its contractors, and is implemented and kept up to date by all levels of the organization.

Implementation of the Safety Management System therefore aims to:

  1. Comply with applicable legislation, specific industrial regulations and internal safety rules
  2. Facilitate and promote the prevention of industrial accidents and occupational diseases
  3. Eliminate or control the risks present in the working world
  4. Guarantee and demonstrate the insistence of the company on improving safety at all levels