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Dialogue with Stakeholders


Dialogue with its stakeholders is a very important part of the CLH Group strategy on corporate responsibility. In this respect, the CLH Group aspires to be recognized as a company that generates trust among the stakeholders with whom it has dealings, and it considers the setting up of channels that make it possible to hold an honest, open and transparent dialogue to be a priority for achieving this.

The CLH Group has been implementing a Relations with Local Communities Plan since 2010, its aim being to intensify contact with its stakeholders, besides finding out about the concerns and expectations that the company generates in society and in the immediate vicinity of its facilities.

In addition to this, and so as to learn about and identify the opinion and needs of the different types of public, CLH carries out a satisfaction study of its stakeholders every two years. This study uses surveys to analyse not only the opinion the stakeholders have of CLH, but also its evolution, and represents an important assessment tool for the company.

The CLH Group is also a participant in reputation monitors such as MERCO (the Spanish Corporate Reputation Monitor), and undergoes audit by the SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) rating agency with a view to identifying opportunities for improvement in corporate responsibility and being able to incorporate them into the company's strategy.