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Corporate Responsibility Policy

The CLH Group corporate responsibility policy is based on establishing relations of trust and cooperation with its stakeholders, in accordance with the company's Mission, Vision and Values document, and its commitment to the ten principles of the United Nations' Global Compact.

It has been defined by taking the opinion of its various stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, society) into account, and develops the following aspects:

Environmental management and protection

The CLH Group takes environmental responsibility criteria into consideration in all its activities and throughout their entire life cycle, thereby respecting biodiversity and the social environment.

Control and safety of the facilities

The CLH Group guarantees maximum safety in all its facilities, striving to maintain strict safety standards in all their processes.

Occupational health and safety

The company is committed to performing all its activities with special attention paid to protecting the health and safety of its employees.

Relations with the community and stakeholders

The CLH Group engages in flexible, permanent dialogue with all its stakeholders in order to learn about their needs and interests, and with the aim of contributing towards the well-being and development of the communities where it operates.

Ethics and integrity

The CLH Group promotes action based on strict principles of ethics and transparency, and on meeting its commitments, endeavouring to act according to stringent criteria of good corporate governance.

Attracting and retaining talent

The company provides a work environment that makes it possible for family and professional life to be harmonised, makes it easier to meet the expectations of the people who form the CLH Group, and which encourages the attraction and retention of the best professionals.

These aspects are included in the Corporate Social Responsibility Master Plan drawn up by the CLH Group which serves as the road map for implementing this policy.

The Communication and Institutional Relations Management is the unit responsible for ensuring the correct implementation of the CLH Group's strategy on corporate responsibility. It is supported in this task by the Management Committee and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.