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Selection process

The selection process in CLH is governed by three basic principles:

  • Principle of transparency in all phases of the process.
  • Principle of integrity through a selection based on the candidates' qualifications and merits.
  • Principle of equal opportunity.

The goal of the CLH human resources policy is to attract and retain talent. Therefore, what we seek in the selection processes is not only to recruit the people who are best suited to the job, but those who are prepared to add value to present and future projects, finding personal and professional advancement in them.

CLH uses a differentiated methodology that adapts its evaluation techniques according to the different skills profiles of the jobs to be filled. The most common among them are psycho-technical tests and the personal interview. Particular importance is attached evaluating language skills, with special emphasis placed on a command of English.

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CLH is committed to offering final-year students the opportunity of putting their knowledge into practice in an environment where there are highly qualified professionals, and learning in a company that is in a constant process of technological adaptation and innovation.

CLH has signed cooperation agreements with more than 30 universities, business schools and study centres over the whole of Spain, besides supporting attracting and retaining talent projects, like Recruiting Erasmus.

Also, throughout the year CLH takes in vocational training students from 70 vocational training institutes around Spain to enable them to complete the practical side of their training at its work centres.

Junior Professionals

CLH recruits junior professionals with up to 2 or 3 years of work experience, in technical or specialised jobs, offering them the opportunity of getting to know the company from base level and developing a professional career. To do this, CLH runs training programmes that foster success in the performance of their jobs, besides integrating them into the company's culture and the different work teams.

On the other hand, around 100% of the posts of responsibility in the CLH Group are covered by means of internal promotion through training and skills development programmes.

The CLH commitment towards the people who work in the company is based, among other things, on guaranteeing a fair, motivating remuneration policy and on achieving the right balance between personal and professional life through measures that make temporal and spatial flexibility and support for the family possible.

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