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Reasons for working in CLH

We now explain the main advantages of working in the CLH Group

A leading company in its sector: CLH has one of the largest and most efficient integrated oil product storage and transportation networks in the world which, together with its management systems, enables it to provide its customers with top quality service.

Our activity

Training and development: Training is one of the basic cornerstones of the company's Human Resources Policy. CLH works to give its employees the knowledge and skills necessary for excellent performance in their duties, thereby enabling them to achieve career development and personal satisfaction.

Creating value for our employees (Integrated Annual Report )

International expansion: CLH is committed to a growth model for achieving internationalisation.

International expansion

Social benefits: We at CLH are committed to offering our employees a quality job in a satisfactory, flexible work environment that encourages the right balance between professional and family life.

Family-responsible Company

Commitment to society: The CLH Group Corporate Responsibility Policy is based on establishing relations of trust and cooperation with its stakeholders, in accordance with the company's Mission, Vision and Values document and its commitment to the ten principles of the United Nations World Compact, with a view to playing its part towards sustainable development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Continuous improvement and technological innovation: CLH includes continuous improvement and innovation as part of its culture in order to assure excellence in its processes and fulfil the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. CLH also encourages the company's employees to participate in this field through different channels for collaboration.

Efficiency, quality and innovation

Employee satisfaction: According to the 3rd work atmosphere survey that was carried out in 2012, 90.7% of our employees feel proud to work in CLH.

3rd annual data compilation on labour environment


CLH's Animated video

The CLH Group has released a new video presenting its activity for audiences of all ages.