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The difference lies in flexibility

CLH Group has adapted activities at some of its facilities in order to implement a segregated storage model to expand the portfolio of services the market demands.

Prevention starts with our heads

At CLH, we are taking one more step towards protecting people’s integrity with the mandatory use of goggles and helmets at our facilities.

The procurement model is also changing

Greater efficiency and flexibility to be more operational, mitigate risk and reduce costs. With these goals, the Procurement and Contracting model is evolving in line with the CLH cultural change.

Ten Years of Innovation and Training

The CLH Chair in Metrology offers very positive and beneficial synergies for the company and the Higher Technical School of Mine and Energy Engineering

Safety starts with you

The company is giving a new boost to occupational risk prevention to avoid any incident.

Creating value for society

The CLH Group created more than 10,000 jobs in Spain and made an annual economic impact of 624 million euros. It also prevents the emission of 370,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Thinking as a team, working as a team, feeling as a team

At the CLH Group, we have initiated a cultural transformation process based on a behavioural model that is aimed at all people within the company and, particularly, those who have a leadership role, in order to foster collaboration and cross-communication.

The Barcelona Laboratory, quality testing

This laboratory is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the product received, stored and delivered by the CLH Group in the northeast zone as well as that of other logistics companies and third parties who trust in it for their testing.

Present and future centralised facility operations

The Facility Control Centre remotely manages the operations of more than twenty CLH Group terminals in order to enhance the efficiency and safety of the processes

CLH Aviación lands in Ireland

For its first international project, the company has taken on the management of the storage facility at the Dublin airport with the challenge of expanding its capacity and building a hydrant network, all while guaranteeing the best service.

The CLH Group Reinforces Its Commitment to Sustainability

With its new Biodiversity Policy, the company is taking one more step in its efforts to protect the environment and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment all while generating value for society.

Gender Equality to Guarantee the Best Team

In an effort to create the best team of personnel possible, the CLH Group offers a work environment and careers that attract both women and men as well as a culture of respect to prevent conflicts and discriminatory behaviour. 

The ARIS Project outlines CLH's future

The company continues to move forward with its process-based management model with the implementation of a tool aimed at unifying methods, automating tasks and optimising information management. In short, an improvement. 

CLH-PS, a new role-player with the spirit of a leader

The company has begun operating in the British hydrocarbon logistics sector with the goal of becoming safer and more efficient in order to grow sustainably, a path along which full integration in the CLH Group will be a determining factor.