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Open to transformation

The updates to headquarters is a response to the need to encourage a new way of working that is more flexible and collaborative

Reinforcing airport safety

CLH Aviación centralises the management of its operational safety at the airports where it is present.

Digitization Makes Us More Efficient

The use of technology at CLH facilities has significantly optimised operational processes.

Transformation as a Guarantee for the Future

We continue to foster the change process that began a year ago in order to turn CLH into a more modern, flexible and efficient company through a living project which, with everyone’s involvement, will produce the desired results. 

Prevention starts with our heads

At CLH, we are taking one more step towards protecting people’s integrity with the mandatory use of goggles and helmets at our facilities.

The difference lies in flexibility

CLH Group has adapted activities at some of its facilities in order to implement a segregated storage model to expand the portfolio of services the market demands.

The procurement model is also changing

Greater efficiency and flexibility to be more operational, mitigate risk and reduce costs. With these goals, the Procurement and Contracting model is evolving in line with the CLH cultural change.

Ten Years of Innovation and Training

The CLH Chair in Metrology offers very positive and beneficial synergies for the company and the Higher Technical School of Mine and Energy Engineering

Safety starts with you

The company is giving a new boost to occupational risk prevention to avoid any incident.