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CLH value proposition

CLH offers its services to all operators under the same conditions, which are public and verified by the national regulator (Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia), and guarantees compliance with the specifications in force for all the products it handles and distributes. For certain products, the CLH quality specifications are more stringent than those stated in current legislation, thereby bringing an additional guarantee to the market, and it uses metering systems that are benchmarks in the sector, therefore guaranteeing strict control of the quantities it receives, stores and distributes.

CLH is one of the few companies in the world that offers instant product accreditation at the destination point. This means that customers are able to make use of their products at multiple destinations immediately after having delivered them at a source facility that is a long way away from the destination points in question.

CLH is also committed to meeting changes in its customers' needs, both in the services that are provided at present and in the ongoing development of services that meet new requirements. This results in a proactive, flexible form of conduct that enables the company to anticipate the needs of the sector, through regular monitoring of the evolution of technology, the market and changes in the legislation in force, and proposing solutions, initiatives and new services that allow its customers to enjoy a competitive advantage.

CLH provides its logistics services for 24h on every day of the year (except at the facilities in Mahón and Ibiza) to a large number of national and international operators, and observes strict confidentiality regarding the operations that each of them carries out in its system.

The company also offers remote access, in real time and through its information systems, to all the operations and transactions necessary for its customers to carry on their business, which enables them to operate independently without the need for CLH staff to be involved.

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