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Haulage contractors

CLH offers the different oil companies and their haulage contractors the possibility of loading fuel into tank trucks at the facilities that are best suited to them. For that, it has fully automated truck loading areas and provides the hauliers with the necessary training and information for performing loading operations efficiently, minimising waiting times and in complete safety.

CLH also establishes a series of rules and procedures for action that are additional to compliance with the regulations in force which must be met in all cases, in order to guarantee the safety of people, equipment and the environment.

In order for haulage contractors to be allowed access to the facilities, they must hold the prior authorization granted by CLH after the verification of compliance with certain technical requirements and the safety regulations, and among others, the requirement relating to transportation of dangerous goods by road (ADR) both for the driver and for the tank truck vehicle as a whole, as well as proof that the driver has received the training given by CLH at any of its facilities.

The company also provides the haulage contractors with an application specifically designed for managing the operations they carry out (Customer' access).

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