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Transportation of hydrocarbon fuels

The CLH Group acts as an interface between the refineries and consumers, by bringing the various oil products closer to the user.

The company manages one of the largest oil pipeline networks in the world, which consists of over 4,000 kilometres of underground pipes that connect the CLH storage facilities to the country's refineries and the major ports at which oil products are imported.

The storage plants are connected to each other by pipelines, which enables the oil company operators, that are CLH customers, to deposit their products at one facility and collect them at another immediately, as required, so that they can make use of their products at multiple points in different geographical areas.

The few plants that are not connected by pipeline and those located in the Balearic Islands are supplied by ship.

When the fuel reaches the facilities, CLH stores it in different tanks depending on the type of fuel in question; they are mainly gasolines, diesels, kerosenes, fuel oils and biofuels.

The company handles all products in an undifferentiated way. The fuel from the various operators is the same and meets basic legal specifications. Product is only differentiated at the time when the operators' tank trucks load it at the destination storage facilities, when the specific additive of each operator is added automatically.

The company takes samples of the fuel and analyses them in each of the storage and transportation process phases, in order to guarantee that they comply with the most stringent quality specifications. For carrying out these analyses, CLH has a modern network of laboratories that are distributed across the whole of the country and are coordinated from the Central Laboratory, which is located in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid).

CLH also guarantees the reliability of the quantities supplied to its customers by means of its Metrology Unit, which is responsible for verifying the good working order of the equipment used to measure oil products.

Technology is ever-present in the entire logistics process. CLH has information systems that make the information the oil company operators need for their work available to them in real time. Therefore, from the comfort of their own offices customers can request orders for fuel, consult the latest quantities withdrawn, and also access information about the products available at each facility or about stocks of quality additives.

When CLH customers have sent in their orders and the company has received the information, the data are sent to the facilities in order to allow the tank trucks to access the storage plant loading areas.

The loading process is automated and governed by strict security measures that the tank truck drivers must respect, in order to guarantee that the operation is carried out quickly, correctly and sustainably.

When all these steps have been completed, the tank truck leaves the facility and distributes the fuel to the various outlets, which are mainly filling stations, and also marinas and railway stations.

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