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Efficiency, quality and innovation

The CLH Group is committed to continuous improvement in all its processes and activities. The company implemented the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) excellence model as a framework for achieving this goal.

Ever since it was introduced, the Group has improved its rating year after year and in 2010 obtained the European Excellence 500+ award, which is the highest level of excellence in business management and a recognition that has been renewed regularly since it was achieved.

The CLH Group commitment to quality is all-embracing and covers the activities of the company as a whole. It begins with the guarantee of product quality and ends in fulfilment of the wishes and expectations of the stakeholders.

With this aim in view, all the above-mentioned quality functions are joined by others, such as:

  • Use of the latest management models, tools, techniques and initiatives.
  • Comparison of the practices, results and situation of the Group with those of other leading companies, aspiring to become a benchmark.
  • Promotion of continuous improvement and innovation activities.
  • Prioritisation of the commitment on environmental, safety and prevention matters, and its contribution to improving the social environment in which the company operates.
  • Meeting the wishes and expectations of the different stakeholders in a balanced way.
  • Improved channels for interaction and mutual commitment between the organisation and each of the people that form it.


The CLH quality policy is based on a Quality Management System that is developed in two different areas: the quality and efficiency of the logistics, storage and transport services and the guarantee that product quality will be maintained during the entire transportation process.

In each of the storage and transportation process phases, the company takes samples of the products and analyses them to ensure they meet all specifications.

CLH has a network of seven laboratories for carrying out these analyses. They are distributed throughout the country and are coordinated from a Central Laboratory, located in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), which has cutting-edge technology where fuel analyses and environmental studies are concerned.

CLH holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate for all its activities: basic logistics, supply to aircraft, supply for ships, physical and chemical analyses of oil products and service station maintenance and technical assistance, as well as the ISO 166002 certificate for its Innovation Management System.

CLH also holds specific quality certificates at the port facilities in Barcelona and Palma (Majorca) according to the quality benchmarks that are applicable in each case.

Besides the above, the CLH Test Centre and Metrology laboratories have been given recognition with ISO 17025:2005 accreditation, issued by the Spanish accreditation body ENAC.

AENOR Quality Certificates

Integrated and Management Policy CLH Group


The vision and strategy of the CLH Group regarding RDi are based on the group’s commitment to new technologies, with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of its logistics network, and to the development of strict oil product analysis methods.

This innovation strategy enables the company to use the latest technological developments in its activities, to incorporate a high degree of automation in its processes and to guarantee the excellent quality of the fuels it manages.

To achieve it, CLH has an Innovation Management System that draws together the requirements of the most stringent rules and regulations, the best practices identified in benchmark companies and the most innovative models and initiatives to be found on the subject. UNE 166002 certification has been obtained for this system.

The special characteristics of CLH, including its strategy and Mission, Vision and Values, together with the characteristics of the sector, were taken into account in its design and implementation. This System is flexible and can be adapted to the demands of the local environment and to new practices or theoretical developments as they arise, always keeping an explicit innovation approach with sustainability in mind.

CLH also attaches great importance to innovation and technological development. It therefore has its own people and facilities for developing its key technologies, and also establishes agreements with centres of excellence in this field that allow for a joint advance of knowledge to be made in these areas, and for them to become a reality in industrial developments and processes.

AENOR Innovation Certificates

Innovation to improve (Integrated Annual Report)

Innovation projects: New biological technologies for minimization of the environmental impact in fuels sector (this document is only available in spanish)

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