The main activity of CLH is the storage, transportation and distribution of oil products in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, on behalf of the leading oil companies that operate in the Spanish market.

This activity basically consists of receiving oil products at its facilities - mainly gasolines, diesels, fuel oils, aviation fuels and biofuels - and transporting and storing these products, and final delivery to the company's customers through its tank truck loading facilities.

The company also offers instantaneous product accreditation. This means that its customers can make use of their products at different destinations immediately after delivery has been made at a receiving facility that is a long way off from the destination facility.

CLH holds logistics services contracts for the use of its facilities with the majority of operators that do business in Spain and, as it conducts its activity in a deregulated sector, it competes with a dozen or so logistics companies that also provide storage and transportation services in the Spanish market.

Alongside this main activity, CLH offers other services with the same quality and level of requirement.

  • The company takes responsibility for adding the additives manufactured by its oil operators to fuels, so that they are able to offer an exclusive, differentiated product. The entire process is accompanied by extensive analyses that guarantee the quality of the end product.
  • CLH rents out a percentage of its storage capacity to agencies that manage strategic oil product reserves and to the operators themselves, to enable them to maintain the security stocks required by law.
  • The company's logistics system is adapted for the storage and transportation of diesel blended with biodiesel and gasoline blended with bioethanol, with a view to meeting the new market requirements and contributing to the development of renewable energies.
  • CLH also provides third parties with quality control services through its network of laboratories, mainly for the company's own logistics services customers, and for other companies and institutions, as well as for various public administrations. In order to provide this service, the CLH Group has a network of seven laboratories that are located in the major Spanish cities and are equipped with cutting-edge techniques and equipment.

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