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International expansion

The CLH Group commitment to internationalisation provides for growth, through building or acquiring logistics assets, and also the provision of advisory services based on the experience gained during more than 85 years, which is the length of time it has been present in the sector.

Investment in logistics assets

CLH wishes to have a presence in the logistics sector of other countries through building storage and transportation assets, the acquisition of existing assets or through establishing alliances with other companies in the sector.

Operation of logistics assets

The experience and know-how that CLH incorporates into all its operations, which are based on efficiency, safety, automation and customer service, are a valuable asset that is marketable through agreements for operating logistics infrastructures owned by other companies or state institutions.

Storage and into-plane fuel supply at airports

The strong presence of CLH in the aviation sector in Spain gives the Group an excellent position and knowledge for developing logistics infrastructures at airport facilities in other countries, or for participating in invitations to tender with a view to operating storage infrastructures and providing into-plane fuel supply services for aircraft.

Strategic reserve storage

CLH takes advantage of the geographical position of Spain, which connects the markets of northern Europe and the Mediterranean, to offer strategic storage services to operators and central government bodies in different countries. CLH possesses the necessary permits and resources for commencing, if required, the construction of one million cubic metres of storage capacity.

If you should require any further information about the CLH Group in relation to our international interests, please contact us at international@int.clh.es

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