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The aim of the organizational structure of CLH is to increase the efficiency of operations so as to guarantee quality and competitiveness for customers and maximize profitability for the shareholders, for which reason it operates using sustainability criteria.

Another of the aims of this structure is to concentrate on the CLH key businesses so as to adapt the company to the requirements of a mature, demanding market.

Executive Committee

  • Chairman
    José Luis López de Silanes Busto +
  • CEO
    Jorge Lanza Perea +
  • General Secretary and Secretary to the Board of Directors
    Luis Valero Quirós +
  • Chairman of CLH Pipeline System (CLH-PS) Ltd
    Juan Rafael Bonilla Abascal +
  • Finance General Manager
    Jesús Alba Novillo +
  • Corporate Technical Manager
    Javier Alonso González +
  • Operations General Manager
    José Luis Conde Álvarez +
  • Marketing & Sales General Manager
    Jorge Guillén García +
  • General Manager of CLH Aviación
    José Ignacio Rodríguez Auñón +
  • Corporate Planning & Strategy Manager
    Miguel Ángel Sanz Delgado +
  • Corporate Human Resources Manager
    Cristina Jaraba Delgado +
  • Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations Manager
    Pedro Martínez López +



CLH's Animated video

The CLH Group has released a new video presenting its activity for audiences of all ages.