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Creating value for society

The CLH Group created more than 10,000 jobs in Spain and made an annual economic impact of 624 million euros. It also prevents the emission of 370,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In collaboration with the consulting firm KPMG, the CLH Group has issued the first report on the impact of its activities on the economy and society in Spain.

One of the main conclusions of this study is the company’s significant contribution to the Spanish GDP which totals 624 million euros including direct, indirect and induced impacts. This represents more than double its operating profit.

Another important point refers to CLH collaboration with the collection of Hydrocarbon Tax in Spain. Up to 80% of all Spanish national tax revenue for this item is collected through the company, which accounted for 10.3 billion euros last year. This figure is similar to what was budgeted by the Ministries of Public Works and Education, Culture and Sport.

Employment and training The CLH Group directly employs 1,379 workers and creates nearly 9,000 indirect and induced jobs. This means more than 6 additional jobs are created for every company employee.

The report also mentions that 91% of all CLH Group jobs are held with indefinite contracts, the average length of service is 19 years per workers and 53% of all new-hires in technical positions in 2015 were women. As concerns training, the company invested 800,000 euros last year which is 2005 more than the industrial sector average.

Environmental protection The use of the CLH Group pipeline system prevents the emission of 370,000 tonnes of CO2 a year into the atmosphere as that would be the quantity emitted if other means were used to transport the fuel.

The CLH logistics services account for less than one cent per litre of the final price paid by consumers
Furthermore, the company’s logistic system keeps 670,000 road tankers off the roads a year and enables energy savings of more than 115 million KW/year, which is the equivalent of 80% of the energy consumed by public lighting in the city of Madrid in one year.

Supply guarantee The report also underlines the fundamental role of the CLH Group in guaranteeing easy and safe access to fuels, which helps ensure mobility as 98% of the entire vehicle fleet uses oil products as fuel.

Moreover, CLH decisively cooperates to guarantee supply security and stores more than 4 million cubic metres of strategic reserves at its facilities.

Another key aspect is the savings the company’s network produces for consumers. Thanks to improved technology and innovation, its logistics services account for less than one cent per litre of the final price.

Value generated by the CLH Group in Spanish society
The Economy
- Savings for consumers: the average cost of CLH services is less than one cent/litre.
- Contribution to the GDP: 624 million euros.
- Tax collection: more than 10.3 billion euros.
- More than 47 social action projects.

The Environment
- Investment of more than 30 Million Euros in environmental projects (since 2013).
- The pipeline network prevented the emission of 370,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and saved 115.03 million KWh.

- 10,154 jobs created: 1,379 internal; 7,763 indirect; 1,011 induced.

- 6.5 million euros in innovation project investments (2015).